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  • Proper blade maintenance and care of your clipping equipment will help ensure the best performance from your pet clipper and blades as well as lengthen the life of your blades
  • Wahl Professional Blade Oil is recommended for use on ALL Wahl blade types; using any other lubricant may cause damage to your blades and animal clipper and would void your clipper’s warranty
  • Wahl recommends using the 5-point oiling method on our animal clippers, to ensure the best quality performance for clipping and trimming your pet's fur
  • Place three drops along the top of the blade teeth and on the blade; turn the clipper to its side and place a drop of oil at the heel of the top blade (both sides); let the clipper run for 30 seconds, then turn off; wipe away excess oil

Wahl Clipper Oil 4oz

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