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  • Classic Hair Tonic: Live it up with the timeless Clubman Pinaud Hair Tonic! The ultimate solution for men who want to always look and feel their best. Helps to effectively prevent dryness and strengthen hair with a brilliant shine. Works effectively for all hair types to give you natural moisture and balance for healthy hair growth.
  • Hair Nourishing Formulation: No time for 2nd place! Our Clubman Pinaud Hair Tonic features a winning formula that gives your hair and scalp the deluxe treatment it deserves. Features of classic hair tonic ingredients and fragrant health-giving essences such as citronella, oakmoss extract, and limonene among others. These all work together to keep your hair and scalp thoroughly hydrated and healthy. Safe, effective, and delivers outstanding results!
  • Long-Lasting Hair Care: This hair tonic comes in a large 12.5 fl oz bottle so you’ll never have to worry about running out of product anytime soon. Features a non-greasy, lightweight formula with an invigorating scent that’s easy to apply. Leaves your hair looking revitalized and feeling fresh. Enjoy all day with unwavering confidence effortlessly!
  • Always At Your Best: Our Clubman Pinaud Hair Tonic is the perfect addition to your daily grooming routine! Keeps your hair strong and healthy making it less prone to breakage with a brilliantly youthful shine. A refreshing and invigorating sensation for your hair and scalp. Look and feel your best every day, and take confidence to a new level!

Clubman Hair Tonic 12.5oz

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